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Yahoo! A New Adventure

Friday October 22, 2010
By Brad Harris

My family and I are getting ready for a new adventure in our lives. We'll be moving to Denver where I'm super excited to go work for [Yahoo!][yahoo] and the Associated Content team. Getting a chance to work for Yahoo, and live and work in the Denver area is the perfect culmination of opportunity and lifestyle that my family and I have been waiting for. The work and product that the Associated Content team has created, and is developing is something I'm looking forward to being a part of. With every career move come new experiences and opportunities to learn and contribute, and I'm sure this will prove the same. On a technical note, I'll get a chance to continue using the technologies I love, PHP, MySQL, and some HTML/CSS/Javascript goodness. On a non-technical note, if anyone is looking for a house to buy in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, I know a great one for sale!