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flipflop 0.1.0 - configurable urls

Saturday September 14, 2013
By Brad Harris

I released a new version of flipflop that has support for configurable urls. Details are in the readme file, but in short, when you generate a new flipflop blog, part of the config in the blog.json file will now include a section for routes. If you have an existing flipflop blog and want to update to the latest, you can add this section to your blog.json config file. You may also want/need to update a few of your templates, depending on how much you've changed them. Check this commit to see an example of what changes to make.

"routes": {
    "archive": "/archive",
    "article": "/:year/:month/:day/:slug",
    "error": "/404.html",
    "homepage": "/",
    "feed": "/feed/rss.xml",
    "tag": "/tag/:tag"

This will allow for customizing the url, such as adding a prefix to your blog:

"routes": {
    "archive": "/blog/archive",
    "article": "/blog/:year/:month/:day/:slug",
    "error": "/blog/404.html",
    "homepage": "/blog",
    "feed": "/blog/feed/rss.xml",
    "tag": "/blog/tag/:tag"

There are a few special things to note with routes:

  • The article route requires a :slug param. Available params are:
    • :year
    • :month
    • :day
    • :slug (required)
  • The tag route requires a :tag param. Available params are:
    • :tag (required)
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