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Saturday April 14, 2012
By Brad Harris

Switching from a complex blogging platform to a lightweight, file-based blog is something of a trend amongst web developers lately. I chalk it up to our love of simple solutions, and a preference of interfacing directly with a file-system. I much prefer to open up SublimeText2, go into distraction free mode and create a markdown file for a new article. For me it's a smaller barrier of entry to writing than logging into Worpress and gathering my thoughts in a <textarea>.

what's out there

There are some great options out there for markdown based blogs. My preference is towards node.js, and Wheat (created by Tim Caswell) as a platform for is one of the more popular solutions in that category. Blacksmith is another great solution, created by nodejitsu. Both are interesting and powerful solutions, but weren't exactly what I wanted.

javascript is easy

I wanna be in control of the urls for articles, use the templating engine I prefer, and have some fun writing javascript. I also want to be able to start my blog up locally on a node http server to tweak it and test it, and not have to generate the static site to view every change. For the live site, I want to just clone a git repo on a server, and run > node generate.js to create a static site for Apache to serve. So I did, it was fun. Feel free to check it out, maybe fork it and see what you think.

i can haz dropbox blog?

Check out what Joe Hewitt is doing to integrate Dropbox into his blogging solution. I dig it.

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