selfcontained[web development]

Friday July 8, 2011
By Brad Harris

Markdown is a great shorthand syntax for creating HTML, and subsequently, for taking notes. I often take notes for different situations and use the Markdown syntax to help give them structure and organization. One thing I found I often wanted was a way to enter that Markdown somewhere, and have it generate an HTML page from it, with a permalink so I could share it or access it later. The Markdown dingus provides a great UI for testing out HTML conversion, but doesn't provide any persistence, so I threw together a pretty quick site that fit my needs.

It's pretty basic, but you can throw in your Markdown and you end up with a unique url you can share with the generated HTML. I was too lazy to add a full-blown account registration layer to organize and manage your documents, but did add Facebook login so you can do that if desired. Perhaps I'll add other forms of login if anyone else ends up using it. Anything you put on there is public as well, for now. Here's the permalink to some notes I took at this year's Velocity Conference.

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