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Slikcalc - Easy Javascript Calculations

Tuesday March 18, 2008
By Brad Harris

Slikcalc - Easy Javascript Calculations

I've put together a small javascript library that greatly simplifies creating dynamic javascript calculators. It works great for just about anything, ranging from calculating columns of values, to a complex custom formula. You can even write your own calculators and plug them into the framework with little effort. Calculations update automatically as the user types in their values.

Check out the details on the library, and download it from github

var columnCalc1 = new slikcalc.ColumnCalc({
    total: { id: 'cc-1-total' },
    registerListeners: true,
    calcOnLoad: true
columnCalc1.addRow({ id: 'cc-1-1' });
columnCalc1.addRow({ id: 'cc-1-2' });
    id: 'cc-1-3',
    checkbox: { id: 'cc-1-3-c' }

A few key features of Slikcalc:

  • Slikcalc works with popular Javascript libraries, including YUI, jQuery, Dojo, Mootools and Prototype. Adding support for new libraries is very simple as well.

  • Slikcalc handles attaching your event listeners for when the users type in values, click checkboxes, and when the page loads.

  • Slikcalc provides a simple interface for chaining multiple calculators so one can fire another, and so on.
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